Men Dominant Web Users in Russia

The typical Russian Internet user is male, living in the Moscow area, and most likely accesses the Web from the workplace, according to a survey by InfoArt.

The findings were based on a sample of 33,000 Web users who responded to an online survey posted on the InfoArt site during August and September 1998.

The study found that 75 percent of the respondents reside in Russia, with 44 percent living in Moscow and the surrounding metropolitan area. An earlier InfoArt survey had found that 64 percent of users lived in Moscow. The new figure indicates that an increasing number of people in other parts of Russia are going online.

Eighty-five percent of Internet users are men, showing no change from an earlier InfoArt estimate, in March 1998. Over half of all respondents, 52 percent, access the Internet from work, while 39 percent said they access the Internet from home. The study also found that most Internet users in Russia have completed some type of third-level training.

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