Men Still Dominate Czech Web

A survey done by the University of Brno and DirectNet Consulting has profiled Internet users in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and found that educated men in the technical field are the most likely Internet users.

The typical user in can be described as a young man with strong right wing political preferences who is finishing/has just finished college/university with a technical orientation, the survey found. He usually works in a large urban area and uses the Internet 1-2 hours day mostly at his workplace.

The major motivation is retrieving information for both personal and work needs, further education, and communication. Users prefer access speed and up-to-date information provided on WWW.

Experience with buying online is still rare (but continuing to increase), but results show a significant interest in trying it. The major barrier in buying online is often absence of payment cards and fear of transaction fraud by merchants. Users are prepared to buy online travel/admission tickets, books, software, and video/audio products.

The Czech Internet is still dominated by men (87.6 percent to 12.3 percent), but while the average age of Internet users worldwide is approaching 35 years old, the Czech average is under 28.

The number of respondents now accessing the Internet from home in rapidly increasing the survey found. When on the Net, 99 percent of the users surveyed use email and 94 percent use the Web.

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