Microsoft Integrates Global Media Sales Under Bradford

Microsoft has promoted Joanne Bradford to corporate VP of global sales and trade marketing, and chief media revenue officer.

The position has oversight of all Microsoft’s media operations, including MSN, Windows Live, Xbox and the recently announced Web services platforms Office Live and Windows Live. Additionally, she’ll oversee the company’s monetization efforts in IPTV and mobile content.

Previously MSN’s chief media revenue officer, Bradford will work to integrate Microsoft’s global media sales force, which has tended to operate in isolated pockets. MSNBC in particular has been treated as its own world.

The appointment brings Microsoft a step closer to its vision of a unified ad sales operation, where advertisers can consolidate their entire buy with Microsoft properties. A cornerstone of that strategy is the still-in-beta adCenter, which will let them place a campaign or campaigns on multiple platforms from within a single interface.

Bradford’s objectives also include helping Microsoft “better understand the advertising market” and making its digital ad inventory easy to buy and sell, according to a company statement.

Bradford joined the company in 2001, after running North American ad sales for Business Week.

She also recently joined MSNBC’s board of directors.

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