Microsoft Opens Up Advertising on MSN Apps

Microsoft has opened up cross-platform advertising on MSN Apps, shortly after making them available on iOS, Android, and Amazon devices.

Previously, the Seattle software giant’s apps were traditionally only available on the Internet, Windows, and Windows Phone. Last month, Microsoft expanded the reach of its News, Weather, Sports, Money, Health & Fitness, and Food & Drink apps, making them available on iOS, Android, and Amazon devices. And as of today, marketers are able to advertise within those mobile operating systems.

The software company is selling ads, which can be synced across devices, in two sizes: 320×50 for phones and 300×250 for tablets.

“MSN Apps allow advertisers to tap into the deep, high-quality experiences that open up a universe of aggregated content extracted from across the Web,” Greg Nelson, general manager of display advertising at Microsoft, wrote in a blog post.

Microsoft made its apps available in 56 markets, 24 of which are open to advertising, including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, China, Japan, India, Russia, and the majority of the countries in Western Europe.

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