Microsoft Partners with Spotzer for Self-Service Ad Platform

Microsoft Advertising has teamed up with Spotzer to provide a self-service ad platform, through which smaller businesses and regional advertisers can buy campaigns across Microsoft’s media properties.

The new platform, currently available at is launching in the Netherlands today, though Spotzer’s CEO, Andrew Klein, told me he hopes this will extend to other territories soon, including the U.S.

Spotzer essentially offers a range of pre-produced video, banner and text message creative, to which advertisers can add their own branding and marketing materials. Through this partnership, media can then be purchased across Microsoft’s properties, targeting users by segments such as demographics and geographic region.

Essentially, Microsoft will subsidize Spotzer’s creative solutions for advertisers, providing they commit to a minimum €1,000 media spend. Advertisers are also free to upload their own creative if they prefer.

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