MiserMail can remove more than 99 percent of spam and virtually all pornography for recommended user profiles, including children, home users, and small offices. The exceptional spam removal rates are possible because this simple email program is built around a powerful spam filter in a completely integrated way.

MiserMail is simple enough for beginners and children but with features to meet the needs of most small offices, including powerful and flexible email list creation, advanced message handling and editing, automated receipts, simple password encryption without special keys or third-party authorization, daily backups including real-time backups, and other advanced features. MiserMail is not recommended for non-English email, large offices, computer/Web professionals, or power users.

MiserMail collects mail for up to nine standard POP3 accounts only. Power users may miss some advanced email features in this first release. MiserMail reduces the chance of misidentifications to a negligible rate. Several options are available to handle these, including spam list or notifications to yourself or another of your email accounts with the spam reduced by up to 90 percent. Or if you don’t want to look at spam at all, several recontact options are available, including the use of free Web email forms. Choose from several stock requests or compose your own.

Besides removing spam and porn, MiserMail also eliminates bothersome messages from certain senders without eliminating other messages, such as newsletters. And it can cause certain email to be “dead on arrival” (logged only). MiserMail has zero-tolerance virus removal, including all file extenders at OE level 1 plus a few we added ourselves. After an initial period of tweaking the filter, spam removal is hidden from the user. Just collect your mail as usual; spam and porn will simply be missing. The MiserMail spam filter is continually improved to keep ahead of spammers. The improvements are available in frequent free updates.

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