Mobile Agency ipsh! Launches Media Unit

Omnicom-owned mobile marketing agency ipsh! has launched a media division to broker ad placements in a range of wireless environments.

Called FullServ-ipsh!, the unit will provide media strategy, planning and buying services for on-deck placements, off-deck WAP sites, mobile video settings and wireless games.

“People are increasingly using the mobile Internet on their phone,” said Nihal Mehta, CEO of Ipsh! “Everything we learned on the Internet is going to be applied here. We’re going to see [a variety of display units],” though he added today’s mobile ad placements consist mainly of text listings.

The new division will be run by ipsh! Managing Director Shabnum Norling, who hails from Beyond Interactive and Grey. Campaign integration with offline and Web channels will come through the firm’s relationships with sister agencies at Omnicom.

Additionally, FullServ-ipsh! will also offer measurement, optimization, reporting and creative services such as WAP site and mobile video development. The promise of mobile advertising relies in large part on the speed with which consumers migrate off the carrier decks to obtain their content elsewhere. To a certain degree that’s already happening, but while off-deck sites and downloads represent a growing share of subscribers’ mobile diet, carrier-controlled media still rules the day — and that content is predominantly ad-free. Mehta believes that’s a temporary reality.

“Carriers will start to accept third party advertising more and more,” he said.

The unit launch marks the company’s first embrace of a straight advertising model after years of doing mainly promotions, sweepstakes, ringtone giveaways and other tactics that invite mobile actions using offline and Internet-based triggers.

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