Mobile Demos Skew Older and Older

The most interesting thing about the IAB’s mobile forum this week?

It’s not just about the kids any more.

In case study after case study, advertiser and marketers spent the day demonstrating how, well….old mobile advertising demos are becoming. Mike Anderson of Live Nation’s ConcertVision Program probably put it best when he said that response to SMS promotions at “dinosaur” acts (such as Cheap Trick and Voyager) was all but nil a year ago, and through the roof this season.

Parents, apparently, have learned to text from their kids.

Again and again, we saw case studies from companies such as Jaguar and RIM, which don’t exactly appeal to 20-somethings, but are gettign through-the-roof responses to mobile campaigns from older, affluent demos.

Could this mean that one day soon, the oft-promised year of mobile advertising may become a reality>

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