Mobile Marketing, a Look Into the Crystal Ball

At the Mobile Marketing Forum in New York, a panel was asked to describe what will be different one year from today. Here’s what they had to say:

–Richard Ting, executive creative director, R/GA: “There will be different things in the marketplace, platforms out there encouraging developers to develop applications on the handset. [such as] GPS applications.

–Jeff Sellinger, EVP, mobile at CBS: It’s proliferation of the mobile Web, he said. “The low-cost iPhone, the viral effect of people surfing.”

–Steen Andersson, founder and VP, marketing, at 5th Finger: “Android and iPhone are going to generate ecosystems in their own right.”

–Paul Palmieri, CEO of Millennial Media: “Advertising will explode and deepen, because media will be made simple to buy.”

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