Mobile Marketing: An Interview With Diane Pease From Cisco

With just two months to go until ClickZ Live New York, this Q&A with Diane Pease from Cisco is the first in a series of interviews with speakers who will be imparting their knowledge at the conference.

While every marketer knows they should have a mobile strategy in 2015, some are still struggling to know where to start. As inbound marketing manager at Cisco, Diane Pease knows where to begin because she’s done it.

Here’s what she said when I caught up with her with a few questions:

ClickZ (CZ): Every digital marketing prediction for 2015 seemed to mention mobile as being one channel marketers will get to grips with this year. For those businesses who have yet to be persuaded, what would you say the benefits were?

Diane Pease (DP): Based on a recent study, 70 percent of mobile searches lead to an online action in an hour. Wow. That’s a very compelling statement to businesses that are thinking about having a mobile presence. If your customers are on mobile, you need to be there where they are looking. Odds are they are not sitting at their desks – they are sitting in coffee shops, at the airport, or using their tablets while watching TV.

CZ: How do you suggest they get started?

DP: It’s always important to start small – begin with a pilot. Select one of your best-performing campaigns, and create a mobile version of it. With enhanced campaigns, we know we can’t develop a “true” mobile campaign, but there are things you can do to make it so your ads will show mostly on mobile devices. In my session at ClickZ Live in New York, I’ll talk more about tips that can help your mobile campaign perform to its fullest potential.

CZ: How should marketers be thinking about being mobile-friendly and should they treat tablets differently from smartphones?

DP: How your site renders on a mobile device or tablet can make all of the difference. Having a poor rendering experience will most likely result in potential customers not returning to your site. Using responsive design allows your website to provide the optimal viewing experience – no matter what device you are using.

CZ: How does location-based marketing come into play? Is there anything different companies should be doing?

DP: For consumers, location-based mobile marketing is part of our daily lives now. Seventy-four percent of adults use smartphones to get directions or information based on their current location. And 72 percent of consumers will respond to calls to action in marketing messages they receive if they are in sight of the retailer. Creating paid search ads with incentives can increase customer loyalty.

CZ: Can you give us some examples of campaigns that have been successful and what are the pitfalls businesses should be aware of?

DP: Right now we are in the middle of a pilot with Cisco that I plan to provide insights on during ClickZ Live, so stay tuned! I have seen good success with mobile in particular for very strategic geo-targeted campaigns. We had one client that before enhanced campaigns, had no mobile presence at all. After moving to enhanced campaigns and creating mobile-focused ads, the client saw more conversions coming from mobile than from desktop and tablet combined! Going too broad with mobile – either very broad keywords or targeting a large demographic – can result in higher CPCs. As with any new marketing strategy – always start small, and analyze the data closely.

Diane Pease will be speaking in New York at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, March 31 in a session entitled “Paid Search Marketers: Go Hard on Mobile or Go Home.”

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