Mobiles to account for 50% of paid search clicks by 2015

The growing nature of mobile consumerism will account for half of all paid-search clicks globally by 2015.

In the UK alone the share of clicks coming through mobile search ads doubled in 2013, from 24% in January to 43% in December, according to data from Marin Software – surpassing the rest of Europe which only accounted for 20% of paid search clicks in 2013.

Data further revealed that cost-per-click (CPC) has increased in the UK, with average CPCs on smartphones rising 26% to £0.19 and tablets rising 11% to an average of £0.31.

CPC on mobile devices increased at a much higher rate than cost per click on the desktop during 2013. In some regions, tablet CPCs have surpassed desktop CPCs.

Given the rise of the smartphone and more responsive designs, advertisers are waking up to the effectiveness of mobile targeting. However, where attention goes money follows, with the cost of mobile advertising climbing rapidly – so marketers cash in on the bargains while you can – mobile advertising will only climb alongside improved designs and more responsive ecommerce.

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