Modavox Back at it — This Time Yahoo’s in Crosshairs

About 2 years after relative unknown Modavox slapped a patent suit on Tacoda, the firm is back. This time it’s after Yahoo. The online broadcasting media production firm-turned-software provider has sent Yahoo a cease and desist letter.

Addressed to Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz, it states that Modavox believes Yahoo-owned Blue Lithium is infringing on two of its patents.

Modavox is committed to enforcing its patent rights to achieve just and adequate compensation for its patented technology. We have been authorized, therefore, to inform you that Modavox is willing to grant a license under the patents to achieve a business resolution of this issue. In the absence of a achieving a licensing relationship, however, please understand that if Yahoo does not cease and desist from its apparent infringement of the claims of the above-identified patents appropriate action will be taken by Modavox. Further, Yahoo’s continuation of this deployment may also expose it to treble damages under the patent act.

Modavox gives Yahoo until May 18 to “confirm that Yahoo will not continue to employ Blue Lithium’s technology across its ad platform.” It’s either that, or pay up for a license, says Modavox’s lawyers.

So, in other words, now that BL’s technology is integrated with Yahoo’s APT platform (whatever has become of that), Yahoo has been asked to stop using it.

In its current austerity, will Yahoo shut up Modavox by cutting a check, or get its legal team on the case?

Has anyone heard anything about Modavox offering its own behavioral targeting technologies? If so, the “patent troll” reputation it’s gained through moves like these would have less impact.

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