Modavox Continues Threat to Behavioral Firms, Omniture Joins Behavioral Patent Holders

modavoxlogo.gifBehavioral targeting tech firms beware: Tacoda’s recent bete noire Modavox continues to threaten the behavioral sector with its patent-wielding power. The company, which filed suit against the newly-acquired Tacoda last month, claims its latest patent, awarded today, will give it even more legitimacy in the eyes of the courts.

Essentially, the new patent acts as an addendum to the original which was filed in 1999 and issued in ’03. It tacks on more claims in an effort to keep the initial patent up to date and, in this case, actionable in court.

Web analytics, optimization and behavioral targeting tech outfit Omniture also touted its latest behavioral-related patent today. The method patent, awarded on August 21, deals with its behavioral targeting and testing systems for content and ad targeting, as well as revenue yields for performance-based and search engine advertising.

No word yet as to whether Omniture intends to license the technology or sue alleged infringers as a result. The company hasn’t yet responded to my requests for comment.

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