Mondelez International to Reinvent Retail with Startups

Mondelez International is counting on start-ups to transform the consumer retail experience in an innovative way. 

In order to solve pressing retail challenges, Mondelez International has initiated a digital marketing program called Shopper Futures. It will pair brand marketers from Oreo, Halls, Ritz and Cadbury, among others, with entrepreneurs from the U.S. and Canada who are developing technology solutions for business challenges in retail.

“We believe the time is now for retail transformation,” Laura Henderson, head of U.S. media and communications for Mondelez International, tells ClickZ. “More than ever before, technology can help us to create more compelling experiences for shoppers. We’re launching Shopper Futures to help us shape the future of retail in collaboration with the most innovative entrepreneurs and retail partners. Our goal is to develop scalable retail solutions that will drive growth for our brands and categories.”

Innovation is the core value of Mondelez International’s marketing strategy. At Advertising Week last year, Dana Anderson, the company’s chief marketing officer (CMO), pointed out that big organizations must innovate as if they were start-ups.

The Shopper Features Program will help Mondelez International leverage new technologies and help entrepreneurs gain hands-on experience. 

“We [will be] focused on continuing to foster a spirit of entrepreneurship within our organization and enabling our marketers to move at the speed of a start-up,” Henderson adds.

The program is only open to start-ups that are less than four years old and based out of the U.S. or Canada. Nine final start-ups will receive funding, and Mondelez International will take applications from June 3 to June 27 of this year.

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