Monster Ad on NYTimes Story about NYTimes/Monster Alliance

Looks like there’s another wrinkle in the ongoing online jobs classifieds saga. Starting in March, the New York Times Company will be including Monster’s listings on its flagship site, along with and the publisher’s regional sites in New England, the southeast and California. According to the Times’ coverage, “Beyond sharing technology, the companies will introduce features like ‘click-to-print,’ where employers can have their online job postings published as ads in Times Company newspapers.”

Considering Yahoo’s alliance with the ‘consortium’ of nine newspaper publishers, initially involving the portal’s HotJobs recruitment listings, this is an interesting score for Monster. The company also competes with Careerbuilder in the newspaper space since that company is owned by Gannett, McClatchy and Tribune (GMT).


Actually, though, what I thought was most interesting about the Times’s coverage of its own publisher’s business partnership with Monster was the ad targeted to the story page, which just so happened to be one for Monster. It’s one of many ads served in that location though, since I refreshed the page countless times, never to be served the Monster ad again. Still, for that fleeting moment, it did seem just a tad incestuous.

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