Monster Unveils New Cross-Channel Campaign

Job search and career advice leader Monster is launching a new multi-channel ad campaign that once again aims to tap into the positive, emotional aspects of a job search.

“We wanted to convey that while people work for a variety of reasons, Monster will be there for them, whatever the reason, to help them find the next opportunity,” Vicki Godfrey, Monster’s VP of advertising and brand strategy, told ClickZ.

The “Monster Works for Me” campaign, created for Monster by Boston-based Brand|Content, will include TV, radio, print and online ads, an online promotion and a redesigned homepage. Deutsche is handling media buying duties.

The campaign carries forward the previous “Celebration” messaging, which highlighted Monster’s ability to connect job seekers to the feeling of exhilaration they can get when they find a new job, Godfrey said.

“A job search is not always the most positive experience for people, so as a brand, we always try to take the positive and optimistic approach,” Godfrey said.

The goal is to inspire and empower job seekers, and not just active ones. Monster is going after passive job seekers as well, to position Monster as a trusted advisor in all career-related matters.

“Everyone is a job-seeker at some point,” she said.

Monster will continue its online campaigns on several sites, including MSN, Comcast,, ESPN, Hoovers, iVillage, and eBay. It also has a deal with Internet Broadcasting Systems that will spread Monster’s message to its 58 affiliate news and information sites.

Elements of the campaign include banner ads, search, and sponsorships. Online video ads are currently being tested, Godfrey said.

The campaign’s first :30 TV spot, “Montage,” began running this month. It features a cross-section of workers at different stages in their lives, articulating their own perspectives on why they work. One scene shows a fashion store owner who works to create style; another features an engineer who works for the future.

Three additional :30 “storyline” spots will introduce characters that could be used again in later spots during the year. They explore the motivations of a traveling salesman, a nurse, and a restaurant owner, and the ways Monster “works” for them. The spots began airing January 1 during primetime, late night, and early morning, on network as well as cable stations.

The offline campaign includes radio ads in key markets, as well as print buys in human resource and staffing trade publications. Ads targeting the healthcare industry and others emphasizing workforce diversity will run later in the year.

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