More Changes for Affiliate Marketing

logo_performics_2.gifThe affiliate marketing space seems to be going through a lot of changes lately. On the heels of the introduction of Commission Junction’s Link Management Initiative comes Performics’s OrangeLinks program, just launched June 10.

According to the company’s site, the new system delivers pre-generated, live links directly to affiliate publishers via email or FTP in an effort to save them time and improve productivity. They can choose to receive OrangeLinks for all of approved advertisers or only specific advertisers, and are asked to “customize your OrangeLinks settings by selecting text links, banners, ad sizes and promotion types.”

“This is the Link Management Initiative all over again but done correctly,” wrote affiliate marketing consultant Jeff Molander on his ThoughtShapers blog. “It provides affiliates with a candy-coated and legitimately useful solution allowing them to operate business-as-usual.”

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