More Monetization: Extract the Most Value From Your Site

In the current market, online publishers are striving to maintain their businesses while managing the pressure of driving value and the most revenue possible from their online properties. There are several effective strategies leveraging ad serving that can help online publishers improve their bottom line and positively affect the users’ experience. Publishers can extract the most value from quality content and the valuable audiences they’ve cultivated via dynamic messaging on their site – both their own and third-party advertising. By leveraging an innovative ad management technology platform, publishers can drive revenue through third-party advertising messages, as well as extended inventory monetization opportunities.

Key to these initiatives is a publisher’s true understanding of their audience. That way, a publisher can best target the site’s content, as well as package and deliver a valuable proposition for advertisers with compelling proof points for maintaining a high CPM. Intelligent ad servers can segment and target audiences based on behavior, geography, psychographics, content/context, and much more. Obtaining detailed enhanced analytics either within the ad server or supplemented with first or third-party data integration enables better audience segmentation. A publisher’s authentic, detailed profile of an audience can better satisfy an advertiser’s complex demands and drive efficient results.

Publishers can attract advertisers looking to spend digital dollars to engage with their target customers across more digital touch points with innovative and expanded channel and format offerings. With an ad server that can seamlessly handle all formats and mediums, publishers can easily expand their ad package offerings to include rich media ad formats, video advertising, and even ads across mobile sites.

Through smart ad delivery yield management techniques and decisions, publishers can optimize the revenue they are driving from campaigns served across their inventory. Look for trends in your ad delivery performance to forecast future volumes and create priority scheduling rules that align with your goals and drive more revenue.

In addition to third-party advertising, ad management platforms with the intelligence of audience data and advanced delivery capabilities enable publishers to customize dynamic proprietary messaging for visitors. Publishers can tailor and deliver content according to audience segment, rotate by seasonality or featured promotion, or even show cross or up-sell messages from partners. Publishers can drive their own revenue generating activity directly, or enhance audience engagement leading to future ROI by serving each visitor a customized and compelling message whenever they visit the site.

While publishers can take steps to improve inventory monetization through managing ads and messaging on their own site, it is not typical to monetize 100 percent of available inventory. This leaves opportunity and money on the table. To supplement direct sales force efforts, partner with a reputable advertising network to represent or sell additional third-party advertising on your unsold inventory.

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