More on Google’s “Commercial” Organic Results

Google got back to me today with a little more detail and a lot more screenshots of the “commercial” organic search results we covered today in ClickZ News. Google added the statement, “Google is testing an automated technique for detecting when an alternate query might help users find what they are looking for more quickly. For these searches, which are both commercial and non-commercial in nature, Google displays one or more alternate queries together with a preview of their top results.”

And Kevin Lee adds another two cents, a wink and a smile: “Clearly, one of the greatest challenge for search engines are ambiguous search queries where the searcher could mean several very different things. Google’s attempt to satisfy the intent of the different types of searchers, each with a specific need is in line with [the] mission. The fact that it will also result in a higher monetization per pageview on those ambiguous searches is an added bonus ;-)”

Google’s Barry Schnitt was kind enough to forward some screenshots – have a look for yourself at the new results they’re testing:

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