More on Joe the Plumber

As the morning moved on, more businesses and organizations bidding on the keywords “Joe the Plumber” or “Joe Plumber” started to crowd the search engine results page on Yahoo and Google.

A plumbing service out of North Carolina called Mr. Rooter topped the sponsored listings on Yahoo with “Joe Plumber.” While Donald Glovan is listed as the contact at Mr. Rooter — and no Joe — the business appears to have a connection to a Joe. That is, Joe, NC.

A directory of plumbers, hosted by Shapel Directory, also appears in the paid results for “Joe the Plumber,” along with three other businesses.

Over at Google, the Obama-Biden campaign purchased the keywords that link to a Web site that includes a calculator. There, taxpayers can input their annual salary to see how Obama’s tax plan would affect them.

Cafe Press, which makes custom T-shirts, joined in the fray with its “Joe the Plumber” T-shirt.

The screen grabs, below, show sponsored Yahoo results (left) next to those of Google.


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