More Than Half of U.S., Canada Online

Based on data from the World Factbook 2002, Internet penetration in the United States and Canada is roughly 58 percent. This figures represents more than 182 million users between the two countries.

Of the 165.75 million U.S. users, 122.43 million are estimated to be “active,” according to March 2003 data from Nielsen//NetRatings. Nielsen//NetRatings defines active users as the number of people that actually go online in a given month.

Canada and U.S. Internet Usage
Population Internet Users Penetration ISPs
Canada 31,902,268 16,840,000 53% 760
United States 280,562,489 165,750,000 59% 7,000
TOTAL 312,464,757 182,590,000 58% 7,760
Source: Nielsen//NetRatings

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