Morgan Is Staying Put at Tacoda

morgan_dave.jpgYou may have read that Tacoda’s Dave Morgan has shifted roles from CEO to chairman, making room for COO Curt Viebranz to step in as the behavioral targeting firm’s new CEO.

Industry vets think of Morgan as a serial-entrepreneur. He’s been in the biz since way back and co-founded Real Media (now 24/7 Real Media) in addition to starting Tacoda. When I heard the news yesterday, I immediately wondered, should I start searching for domain names registered under Morgan’s name? Is he going to create yet another company?

Well, I spoke with Tacoda SVP of Marketing Larry Allen today for a separate story and he said he’s sure Morgan is staying right where he is.

I also put a call in to the man himself who left me a voicemail last night. He said the transition would allow him to focus more on product strategy and marketing, while Viebranz will do the business-running thing. Morgan sounded confident that Viebranz can run a big business, adding, “and we’re becoming one.”

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