Morning Reads: MySpace CEO Ousted, PBS Video Player, Google Profiles

MySpace’s CEO and other execs may soon get their walking papers. According to TechCrunch, CEO Chris DeWolfe will be fired as will other members of the “core” MySpace executive team. The sudden changes come courtesy of recently appointed News Corp. digital honcho Jonathan Miller.

Still think we’re living in an era of video platform consolidation? More evidence to the contrary: PBS is the latest, after CBS’s in January, to roll out an elegant new experience for long-form video content. Full-length shows include The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, Nova, Frontline, American Masters and American Experience. According to PBS, the PBS Kids Go video player it launched last year is streaming more than a million clips a week. (release)

In the Google age your identity boils down to what people can glean from a name query search. With the launch of new public profiles, Google is offering individuals a little more control over the outcome of those queries. Some are calling it a run at social platforms. While that may be a stretch, it is an important moment in the evolution of digital identity management.

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