Morocco’s Online Population

Forty-two percent of Moroccan Internet users have had access to the Internet for more than three years, according to a study by IEC Marketing. More than one-quarter of those have had access for more than five years. A further 39 percent have been online between one and three years, while 19 percent have had access for less than a year.

Half of the Internet users polled considered themselves experienced Internet users, while 40 percent said they were “amateurs” and 10 percent said they were just beginning to learn how to use the Net. Most Moroccan Internet users go online in a cybercafé (58.3 percent) or at work (53 percent).

About 29 percent have an Internet connection at home and 17 percent plan to have one at home soon. The high costs of Net access, PCs and ISP subscription rates are the main reasons that most Moroccans do not have home access.

Internet telephony and Internet radio services are particularly popular in Morocco, with about 45 percent of users accessing each.

The average Internet user in Morocco is a single man under the age of 35. Almost 70 percent of users there are aged between 21 and 35. Only one-quarter are women and 61 percent are single.

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