Mountains Out Of Molehills

There seems to be no shortage of positive market indicators lately. Most, if not all, prognosticators in the ad business are calling for increased spending across the board. Those increases are magnified when it comes to the Internet. On September 4, Morningstar issued a release stating the market was being driven by, among others, Yahoo. Yahoo? Driving the market? During a traditionally slow month like September? And how about juggernaut media agencies like Universal McCann announcing the creation of new positions with titles like “Chief Accountability Officer”? What do you think that means for the Internet and its future? Finally, I have planners talking daily about sites, asking if we can push inventory from Q4 to Q1 of next year based on a lack of avails.

It definitely feels we’re somewhere in the vicinity of a tipping point for the industry. Then along comes the Wall Street Journal on Sept. 15 with

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