MSN Crashing the Golden Globe Red Carpet

Microsoft’s MSN is getting into the daily original content game with a new online series set to premier today. Created with the help of production company Reveille, “The Big Debate” starts off with reviews and comments on the “64th Annual Golden Globe Awards” and is sponsored by Cingular.

The show is slated to be comedic and interactive, and will be hosted by Shaun Robinson, who’s going to conduct live interviews direct from the red carpet. Viewers will be able to add to the show by posting their own comments or playing a little bit of “pick the winner” by predicting who’ll get the Golden Globes in categories.

No word yet on what the next “debate” will be, but perhaps it might center on how Microsoft only announced that “The Big Debate” was happening on the Friday evening before the show premieres Monday. Now that should be funny.

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