MSN Video Gets Viral Content

MSN Video added a viral element to its streaming video library today with the addition of IFILM streaming video programming. The addition of new content gives MSN more video inventory to offer its advertisers.

Pre-roll ads will appear when MSN Video users access to IFILM’s Viral Video channel content, including such oft-forwarded clips as “How to Dance Like a White Guy,” “Numa Numa Dance,” and “Super Mario Guitar.” IFILM also will deliver television, short film and action sports clips, along with the top 10 most-viewed videos across all of IFILM’s categories.

“IFILM is one of the largest entertainment streaming video sites on the Internet, with some of the most cutting-edge footage. This partnership is an excellent example of our commitment to being the top information resource online for individuals seeking both news and entertainment,” said Andy Beers, director of MSN Video.

The target audience of much of IFILM’s content — men age 18 to 34 — is similar to that of the Maxim content that MSN added last month, as well as existing MSN Video content from Fox Sports and Universal Music Group.

Advertising options on MSN Video include a pre-roll :15 or :30 spots with a flyout component to the side showcasing the brand logo or product packaging. MSN runs one ad for every two clips.

MSN Video is attractive to TV-oriented brand advertisers, who want to reach a daytime, at-work audience. The site currently runs ads from half of the top 50 TV brand advertisers, including GM, Procter & Gamble, Miller, Ameritrade, and Visa.

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