MTV In Cross-Platform Marketing Deal with Epic, Sony BMG

MTV will stream some albums online prior to their street releases and produce related content for mobile phones as part of a marketing alliance with Sony BMG and Epic Records.

The initiative is called MTV 5 Star, and the first artist is Shakira. On-air programming blocks are at the center of the deal, but the mobile/Web stuff is interesting. From the release:

MTV 5 Star will also include groundbreaking interactive components, including the production of a series of exclusive MTV-produced Shakira mobisodes featuring interviews and performances related to the new album. The packages will be distributed via existing MTV mobile distribution relationships for on-demand services. In addition, MTV will produce a dedicated Shakira WAP site enabling users to enter the competition, access graphics, on-air promos and other elements.

The promotion will feature extensive Web elements, including an exclusive, full-length stream of songs from Oral Fixation Vol. 2 on MTV’s international Web sites as part of the First Listen series one week prior to the album street date. In addition, online users will be able to enter the competition, access original Shakira features and a link to Shakira’s official Web site… Home pages of MTV Web sites will also feature the countdown clock building up to the premiere of the two-hour programming block.

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