Send personalized email and wireless text messaging with mUrgent’s Empact. mUrgent offers tutorials and technical staff to back up the intuitive interface. The campaign-building process does not require programming knowledge, just an Internet-connected computer.

Build E-Mail Campaigns

Send email campaigns that reinforce your brand identity. Choose from several template designs or opt for a custom design created by mUrgent. Deploy your campaign using one of Empact’s multiple scheduling options.

Deliver Wireless Messages

Once customers register, they can give their permission to receive wireless text messages on their mobile phones. Those who don’t opt in won’t receive messages from you.

Manage Customer Segments

Empact allows customers to change their e-marketing preferences whenever they want. They can specify when and how frequently they would like to receive e-marketing from a business. Empact subscribers received constant feedback based on customers’ responses, allowing them to create and edit customer segments.

System Requirements

Empact subscribers have minimal system requirements. The software works on every major browser, including AOL, Netscape, and Internet Explorer. Customers receive your campaigns as you intended, with messages using built-in logic to detect ability to support HTML or standard text.

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