My Back Web Pages

Unlike some other citizen/consumer generated media* sites out there, seems aimed at an older demo, and it’s got more of a homeTOWN feel than a hipster, Web junkie feel to it. The small site network has launched a new city-centric site, this time focusing on Arlington, VA. Consider it CGM-meets-CitySearch-meets-Craigslist-meets-local newspaper site forum. So far, the BackFence conglomerate of sites is focused on cities in Virginia and Maryland (think of them as the founding fathers or something…).

There doesn’t seem to be much going on at the Arlington HQ just yet by way of CG-content. From the looks of things, BackFence is running ads served through Accipiter’s hosted ad management solution, AdBureau. They offer a 30-day homepage buy for $200 (not far from some of the more popular blogs when ya think about it). Like CitySearch, there’s also a rate/reviews feature within the Yellow Pages section that enables visitors to…uh…rate and review companies listed there. Of course, enhanced listings are available as well. They also do free classifieds.

*Take your pick: Do you define yourself as a voter who gets duped by politicians, or a buyer who gets duped by sellers? Yeah, I’m feelin’ extra cynical today….

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