MyPoints BonusMail

MyPoints is a 100 percent opt-in email, sending an advertiser’s message and offer to consumers who specifically request it and who are rewarded for reading it.

MyPoints says its service offers better targeting individual consumers are targeted by demographics, geography, and/or interests.

BonusMail provides the space for advertisers to tell their story, and HTML (or rich media) email allows even greater communication quality, including graphics, unique fonts, and hotlinks directly to a Web site.

MyPoints BonusMail starts at a cost of $0.25 per piece including reward points, general targeting delivery, and detailed reporting.

MyPoints also has a built-in reward program that rewards users for reading the opt-in email messages. The rewards program can also motivate participation in any offers the advertiser makes.

Every BonusMail advertiser can obtain a comprehensive demographic report that reveals aggregate information about who received the offer, who clicked through, and who purchased.

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