MySpace Redesign: First Takeover Ad is for The Dark Knight

2589550607_a4bd60eb0e_m.jpgBatman’s been made over so many times, in comics, TV and film, that the character is now defined by reinvention. So it’s fitting that a MySpace homepage takeover ad for the latest flick in the franchise is the first to accompany the site’s big redesign.

Fitting, but not extraordinary. You’d expect MySpace to pull out the stops for its first major ad execution under the new design regime. Instead it has produced a pretty standard backdrop execution consisting of the film’s poster art — which is naturally amazing — with some flickery motion graphics tossed in to accentuate the image’s apocalyptic flames. Oh, and a video with link to The Dark Knight’s profile page. Nothing to criticize here, but, well I believe the word for it is “meh.” (Deep Focus CEO Ian Schafer agrees.)

Having said all that, three cheers for MySpace. Its new design really is a big improvement, and advertisers have already taken notice.

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