Mzinga Layoffs Hit the Social Grapevine

Tweeple are a twitter over layoffs at social media software vendor Mzinga this month.

A column, “Social downsizing,” published Sunday follows the online and offline drama over the March 19 layoffs of 40 employees – or about 18 percent of the vendor’s workforce.

“This was a layoff for our Twittery new times,” writes Scott Kirsner, a Globe columnist. “Though layoffs are always painful, there’s something new going on here — especially in the way these laid-off employees weren’t silent, and in the way their network of friends and contacts leaped in to help them.”

Ashley Quincy, a laid-off Mzinga worker, reached out to the Twitter network with this tweet, below. In a follow up note to me on Facebook, she wrote: “I have been fortunate where many recruiters and companies have reached out to me because of that particular tweet. It just reinforces how powerful social media can be and how it can be leveraged for job searches.”


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