Nancy Drew Sleuths Marketing Opportunities

nancy drew cotton.JPG
With just over two weeks away from the movie release of “Nancy Drew,” a modern telling of the classic teen mystery series, yet another marketing campaign surfaces at the mall. Earlier this month two separate campaigns deployed the Web and mobile phones to peak viewers’ interests. Now there’s “Nancy Drew and the Cotton Caper” making its appearance in malls in 15 markets around the country.

The Cotton Caper draws from a partnership between Warner Bros. Pictures, Cotton Incorporated, General Growth Management (the owner of malls across the country), and Her Interactive (the publisher of the Nancy Drew video game series). Activities originate in a “cotton-themed interactive mall experience” where consumers receive an activity book of clues and instructions to find answers hidden in a mall display. Looking for more sleuthing after a trip to the mall? Consumers can go to Cotton Incorporated’s and subsequently the microsite for Nancy Drew and the Cotton Caper where consumers can find more clues, locate a participating mall, learn about the title character’s cotton-laden wardrobe. There’s also a link to longtime “Nancy Drew” video game publisher Her Interactive and a snowball fight mini-game made for the upcoming title “Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek,” which retails on June 12.

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