NBA Partners with YouTube on Video Channel

If you’ve got an incredible turnaround jump shot, the National Basketball Association (NBA) wants to see it up on YouTube. The online video hub and the NBA have partnered to create a new NBA Channel on YouTube.

As part of the channel’s launch, viewers are being asked to post videos showing their best basketball moves for a “Post Up the NBA” challenge. The top 10 videos will be collected and featured as part of the channel every week throughout the rest of the 2006-2007 season, according to the companies.

Under the partnership, the NBA is also working with YouTube parent Google to test the distribution of syndicated NBA video content across Google’s AdSense network. The test will allow publishers to receive syndicated clips of NBA games and other content, paired with advertising and served by Google. Such syndicated video content is a growing part of the search giant’s strategy. The company yesterday entered a relationship with Condé Nast and Dow Jones and Company’s, among other publishers.

The NBA will take advantage of YouTube’s “Claim Your Content” program to allow the NBA to identify its copyrighted content and have it removed or share in the advertising revenue generated, according to the companies.

While the NBA may eventually see revenue streams from the AdSense network, and hopes to keep its copyrighted material from being shared illegally through its YouTube partnership, those aren’t its primary goals.

“Our key thing for doing this deal is it’s a great opportunity to provide our fans the ability to share in their passion for the game with their best moves on YouTube,” an NBA spokesperson said. “It’s a unique way to reach our fans. This kind of arrangement will help promote our national telecasts and further help to drive traffic to our Web site,”

Separately, the Portland Trail Blazers basketball team has launched its own social networking destination for its fans called Iamatrailblazersfan. The site was created partnership with non-profit volunteer organization Hands On Greater Portland and social network provider Affinity Circles. On the Iamatrailblazersfan site, fans can create profiles, join groups, share photos, and post comments, according to the team.

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