NBBC Still Has Ad Runs to Complete

NBC announced earlier this week it would fold its NBBC broadband venture into its more far-reaching Web video distribution partnership with News Corp. (the one commonly referred to as “NewCo”). NBBC launched last September.

“It will take us a little while to go through the legal work,” NBC Universal Chief Digital Officer George Kliavkoff told me. “As soon as that’s done, we will be reaching out to all the content partners to join the new site,” he added. NBBC partners have included Access Hollywood, About.com, A&E, CNET and Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive.

“We’re in the process of finishing out all the campaigns running on NBBC,” Kliavkoff continued. He said the company has been selling ads into NBBC as part of the public beta. The NBBC ad runs should finalize in the next 30 days, he said Monday.

As for NBBC staffers, Kliavkoff said some will go onto other roles at NBC, but added, “We anticipate that most of them will be joining us at ‘new site.’ ”

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