NBC Breaks Out the Classic Shows for Online Viewing

Ateam.jpgNBC Digital Entertainment and NBC Universal Cable Entertainment are breaking into their vaults and pulling out some of their classic television shows to see new life as streaming videos online. Shows like “A-Team,” the 1978 version “Battlestar Galatica,” “Miami Vice,” and “The Alfred Hitchcock Hour” are now being shown at NBC.com. NBC genre sites like SCIFI.com, ChillerTV.com and SleuthChannel.com also get special programming like “Buck Rogers” and “Kojak.”

The Peacock network won’t be offering any special online video advertising deals as part of the return of the shows, but it is doing so to increase its overall video inventory to place ads against, according to the company. I’m not certain that shows like “Tek War” have gotten any better over time, but there’s still something appealing about watching old “Simon & Simon” episodes for nostalgia’s sake.

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