NCAA Appeased, MarchTweetness Returns Under a New Name

MarchTweetness is back. Only now it goes by a different name.

Three days after an NCAA copyright complaint forced Federated Media to tear down its experimental college b-ball Twitter aggregator, the AT&T-sponsored site is live again — with two days to go before Saturday’s semifinals.

For most of the week, the URL redirected to a simple Twitter search for the final four teams. That’s because Federated Media slipped up when it first created the site, violating the NCAA’s copyrights — perhaps an indicator of company’s greenness when it comes to designing sports-related experiences. (Tip for anyone considering a sports mash-up: College and pro athletic associations are REALLY uptight about their trademarks.)

The new site is very similar to the old, with a few important changes. Most notably, the name has changed. MarchTweetness is now TitleTweets, and the old URL now redirects to

Also significant: AT&T is still attached to the site, but now it’s listed as “The exclusive wireless partner of the NCAA,” whereas it wasn’t before. I have a call in to learn whether AT&T had a sponsorship arrangement with AT&T before this week. A large badge on the TitleTweets site links to the NCAA’s site, where users can watch live games and view interactive brackets. The badge lists NCAA’s other official sponsors Pontiac and Coca-Cola Zero.

Smaller changes included reworking of the copy. “Join in on the March Madness Excitement” becomes “Join in on the NCAA March Madness excitement.”

You can check out the before and after below (images courtesy of the FM Publishing blog).



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