Nearly 10 Percent of Consumers Respond to Emerging Media Ads

Consumer segmentation analysis conducted by Mediamark Research and Intelligence identifies six consumer segments in terms of how each group prefers to receive advertising. The “Responsiveness to Ads Across Media” analysis categorizes U.S. adults according to the media in which they prefer to receive advertising messages.

Nine percent of consumers belong to the group responding to ads on emerging vehicles such as mobile devices and product placement in video games, movies, and TV shows. While the median age of this segment is around 35, which is younger than the other segments, one third of the group is comprised of baby boomers or older, said Mediamark’s VP of marketing and strategic planning, Anne Maria Kelly.

The emerging media group were heavily influenced by celebrity endorsements. Members of this group were also likely to be early adopters of technology, and influencers of media and technology to friends. Earlier studies of influencers show they consume more media online and on other platforms.

Seventeen percent of the population preferred to receive ads via Mass Media, including online mass media. “The Internet is not necessarily new media anymore,” said Kelly.

A further 32 percent of consumers are found to be ad-adverse. The segment “are either disinterested or just haven’t been exposed,” explained Kelly. Marketers don’t necessarily have to ignore the ad-adverse population, but work around the barrier, she said. “Figure out another way to approach them.”

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