Net Neutraility – The Saga Continues

Recently, I upgraded my Verizon DSL service at home. A rep called last night with a bunch of customer experience questions, all of which I responded to with a “satisfactory” or “very good.” Except one. The rep was stunned when he asked how likely I was to recommend Verizon to a friend on a scale of one to 10.

“Zero” was my emphatic reply.

He was kind of stunned and asked why. “Verizon’s position on net neutrality,” was my immediate response.

I’m still looking (in vain) for a viable (read under $300 per month) home broadband option. Despite being a confirmed Apple fanatic, I refuse to get an iPhone. After all, AT&T started the whole anti-net neutrality movement. And I’m still looking for new ways anyone who wants, needs, uses, or makes a living from the Web can voice their support for a free and open Internet.

I’m introducing a panel at Search Engine Strategies on Monday entitled “Network Neutrality is for On-Line Marketers, Too!” If you’re attending SES, don’t miss it. This issue is just too important.

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