Net Neutrality: Sign the Petition Before Next Week’s Hearings

netneutrality1.jpegThe FCC is holding a public hearing on Net Neutrality in Palo Alto next week.

In case you haven’t gotten the message, this issue has the potential to affect every single person in the United States who uses, or benefits from, the Internet. It’s also an issue interactive marketers simply cannot afford to ignore.

Telcos and cable companies including AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, and Time Warner are working to pave the way for “network management” practices that would allow blocking of certain content in favor of those Web sites and services the access providers prefer.

Don’t let this happen. Support Net Neutrality. A good place to start might be signing this petition in support of the Markey-Pickering bill, which would mandate the FCC to “guard against unreasonable discriminatory favoritism for, or degradation of, content by network operators based upon its source, ownership, or destination on the Internet.”


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