Net Users Love E-Greetings

More than half of the Internet users who plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day will do so by sending an electronic greeting card, according to a new survey by NPD Online Research.

In a poll of 1,983 Web users who plan to celebrate the holiday, 55 percent of respondents said they plan on sending electronic cards. Female card senders outnumber males 60-40 percent.

“Considering that electronic cards have only existed for a short time, it is amazing that 55 percent of those online in this survey are planning to use these cards for Valentine’s Day,” said Pamela Smith, vice president of NPD. “Although advertising has increased awareness, the growing popularity of electronic cards can be attributed to convenience, trendiness, and favorable cost advantages.”

The survey reported that family (60 percent), friends (50 percent), and spouses (33 percent) are the primary recipients of electronic Valentine’s Day cards. Boyfriends and girlfriends (23 percent) were also listed, as were co-workers (15 percent).

According to the survey, Bluemountainarts should experience the greatest traffic surge on or before February 14. Bluemountain was listed as the Web site of choice for electronic cards by 63 percent of those polled. (19 percent), 123 (14 percent), (12 percent), and were also listed. Bluemountain and 123greetings were both listed in the top 25 shopping sites of December 1998 by Media Metrix.

The NPD survey also found that the intended use of Valentine’s Day cards is not specific to any one age group or income level. The survey results show that Web users from all different demographic groups will electronically convey their feelings.

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