NetCreations to Manage WebPromote E-mail List

NetCreations Inc., an opt-in email marketing company, announced that they will manage the 213,332-name opt-in email list of the WebPromote Internet marketing service.

The deal boosts NetCreations’ PostMaster Direct Response database to 894,445 email addresses, according to president Rosalind Resnick. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

The WebPromote list offers email addresses of Internet users who have signed up to receive information about business, employment, computing, entertainment, health, travel and other popular topics. WebPromote began collecting opt-in email addresses on its site over a year ago but had managed its list in house until now. WebPromote will continue to offer its lists through its own sales force as well.

NetCreations will store WebPromote’s email addresses in its Web database, provide delivery and merge/purge services, and offer the lists for rent through its online marketplace.

The WebPromote lists will initially rent for 15 cents a name, including list rental, email distribution and merge/purge. Under the agreement, WebPromote will also act as an email list broker for NetCreations’ PostMaster Direct Response lists, making them available to WebPromote’s thousands of Web advertising clients.

“As an opt-in email marketer, WebPromote has long been our ally in the war against spam,” Resnick said. “We are delighted to gain such a strong partner in our quest to build the largest database of opt-in email addresses on the Net.”

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