Netflix puts your finger on the chill button

Wouldn’t it be great if you could press a button and instantly set the mood for a TV marathon of your favourite show?  If your answer is a resounding yes then you’d better get yourself over to the Netflix website and starting swotting up on the instructions to create ‘The Switch’.


Shut out the world

In a rather ingenious ploy to immerse their viewers even further in TV land, Netflix’s latest invention will dim your lights, silence your phone, order a takeaway and launch the streaming app, all in one go.

The company unleashed the device on the world at the 2015 World Maker Faire in New York at the weekend.


‘Netflix and chill’

Dubbed by many as the ‘Netflix and chill’ button – referencing internet slang for casual hook-ups while watching the service – this clever little device does seem to lend itself to cosy evenings on the sofa.

There is one rather significant catch: this is a DIY gadget. But fear not, help is at hand with a list of step-by-step instructions to help you create your very own cloaking device from the world; leaving you to concentrate on your favourite small screen classics.


The box used in Netflix’s video is powered by a Particle Core microcontroller, a lithium-ion battery connected by a Micro USB, and smart TV with a built-in Netflix app.

Not content to stop at super buttons, Netflix is now accepting suggestions for its next innovation on the Make It site.

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