NetInfinium offers a variety products and services for email marketers.


NetInfinium creates products and solutions for Internet marketing:

  • E-Mail Serving and Tracking Engine (ESTE). ESTE is a solution for high-speed, high-volume email serving and management needs of businesses and organizations. It incorporates advanced personalization features, list management, and tracking capabilities. The ESTE Outbound Manager (EOM) is a high-speed high-volume, email broadcast management engine, and the ESTE Inbound Manager (EIM) is a large-volume, inbound email management system with AI features.

  • Utility Bar (U-Bar). The U-Bar is a client-side application for browsing the Internet and one-click access to information. It is used as a marketing platform and internal information dissemination agent by organizations and institutions.


NetInfinium also offers services for individuals, businesses, and organizations to reach out to their target audience and customers via email:

  • Email list management. NetInfinium assists companies and corporations in managing their email databases and lists by providing the services and tools necessary.

  • Email campaign management. For businesses that wish to email their target audiences but that do not have the necessary database, NetInfinium can manage the campaign for them. NetInfinium can plan the campaign, select a target audience, source and procure the database, select the message, blast the email, and track and generate reports.
  • Email engine sale and rental. For businesses that wish to do their own email marketing to their own databases, they can purchase the NetInfinium’s ESTE Engine. It comes in several packages, for light users sending out thousands to heavy users sending out millions of emails per day. For clients wishing to just rent the engine for their use, NetInfinium provides reasonable rates and comprehensive support.

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