Network Solutions tapped Ingenio to Offer Pay Per Call to Small Business

Phonecall.jpgIt’s no secret that a lot of small businesses don’t have a significant Web presence, but what if they still want to advertising online? Network Solutions, which bills itself as a provider of Web solutions for small businesses, is partnering with up with Ingenio to offer its clients a Pay Per Call system.

Simply enough, run the ads and pay for them based on how many calls they generate to the business. Network Solutions customers will find a new tab available to them to use the Pay Per Call network that Ingenio operates.

“Network solution has hundreds of thousands of small businesses that work with them for their core offering. To this point they’ve been offering Pay Per Click, and now they are offering Pay Per Call via our services,” Marc Barach, chief marketing officer for Ingenio told me. “From the Network Solutions customer point of view we’re able to bring in another efficient way to generate leads from online searches.”

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