New Ad Network Integrates Digital and Outdoor Media

A new cross-screen, rich media network, AMPP Media, is offering media buys across the Web, out-of-home (OOH), and soon, mobile platforms.

Publishers can run IAB standard rich media and video ads on their sites, or through an embedded player. The player bundles content from news feeds, RSS feeds, movie trailers, action sports content, user-generated content and branded content from companies like Burton, the North Face and Jeep. AMPP culls the video from public domain content, and is in talks with content providers to create premium channels.

DoubleClick, which recently agreed to be acquired by Google, is handling ad buys across all channels using its DART system. OOH includes LCD panels outdoors and in commercial areas. The network’s OOH locations include point-of-sale, hotel lobbies, airports and coffee shops. AMPP already has installations in Seattle-based Tully’s Coffee shops.

On Web sites, the network offers standard IAB units including pre-roll, 300 x 250 units, peel downs, leaderboards, skyscrapers and registration within banners. AMPP supports synchronized ads which coordinate an ad running in the player with a banner.

Chris Churchill, founder and CEO of AMPP Media, said the network just completed a deal with BitTorrent to serve 300 x 250 ads online, and the deal with BitTorrent follows a recent Eidos campaign which ran on YuMe’s network. Nexopia has also joined AMPP’s online network.

Media on the mobile channel is expected to become available soon. “It is a 2007 initiative for DoubleClick to serve mobile ads,” said Churchill. He said AMPP is working with DoubleClick’s lab department to develop technology to sniff out the screen size and resolution of handsets.

AMPP has assembled an in-house sales team to sell the media. Adding additional channels to online offerings has met with positive responses, according to Churchill. “The beauty is they’re used to using online ad serving, so that makes it really easy for the interactive departments at agencies.”

Some of the media offerings blur the line between online and out-of-home. AMPP completed a deal with Second Life publisher Linden Labs and is ironing out the logistics to sell ads in Second Life, where digital ads will appear as outdoor placements in the virtual world.

The AMPP Media player was developed by Florida-based DemandX. Recent DoubleClick research finds consumers interact more with video ad units than image ads.

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