New eBay Campaign Says ‘It’ All

eBay’s first ad campaign since signing BBDO as its agency of record is a multi-channel blitz to welcome the holiday season. Dubbed the “it” campaign, the effort’s creative suggests every auction on the site is the “it” item.

The message is that whatever item you’re looking for, you can find it on eBay. The creative focuses on the word “it” in 3-D letters using the identifiable eBay font, and, in some placements, the colors of the company’s logo.

The campaign includes a microsite, at, where the TV spots and other video can be played. Visitors can also enter a search query on the site, which takes them right to the search results page on the auction site.

Online, advertisements will run on all the major portals including Yahoo and MSN. A paid search campaign will appear on Google. The buy includes a homepage takeover in Yahoo Mail that will interact with the banner over users’ inboxes. The creative also uses imagery to let people search on the auction site from within the banner. Click on the photo of a football and all auctions relating to the sport appear in the search results page that pops up.

Specific details for the entire online buy, coordinated between eBay’s in-house team and, were not discussed, though eBay’s director of brand marketing, Kevin McSpadden, told ClickZ News that eBay users will not be able to miss its message this season.

The media buy on other channels include TV spots on Monday Night Football, Desperate Housewives, Lost, and Alias. Print ads will run in People, Time, Oprah, and Rolling Stone.

The campaign will run through the holidays, and the theme will continue through the new year. “We want to keep the ‘it’ theme fresh,” said McSpadden.

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