New Mobile Ad Network Targets Multi-Cultural Audience

Briabe Mobile has launched America-Next, a mobile ad network focused on African Americans, Hispanics and Asian Americans. With an emphasis on Millennials – consumers 13 to 34 years old – America-Next will deliver ads in a variety of formats into mobile sites and mobile apps. The ad network includes publishers across major verticals including entertainment, lifestyle, sports and news that are tailored to African Americans, Asian Americans and Hispanics, and it includes both English and bilingual sites.

“When you look at where the majority of growth will come from in the next five years, advertisers are realizing that multicultural consumers are where they will hit their bottom-line numbers – and mobile will be the connection point to them,” said James Briggs, Briabe CEO.

Young consumers in this demographic accounted for 92 percent of the country’s population growth in the last decade, according to Nielsen, and they are expected to drive 86 percent of total growth on retail spending in the next five years, according to the U.S. Census.

America-Next reaches 82 million consumers, and 75 percent of them are within the target demographic.

Briabe does not disclose the publishers in its network. “Briabe has focused on the multicultural market for more than seven years, and we have a significant knowledge base of what consumers are doing on mobile devices,” Briggs said. “We interview people on different publisher platforms, so we are aware of where the audience is on their network. We locate and talk to the audience, and ask them specifically how they use their devices in the categories our clients care about.”

Advertisers can target consumers across display, rich media and video, using ethnicity, demographics, geography, language, device, carrier and channel, as well as other criteria. Advertisers include Pantene, Verizon Business, American Airlines, Wells Fargo and Home Depot.

Briabe Mobile is a mobile solutions provider that uses a combination of proprietary and third-party technology to provide services from awareness through long-term loyalty programs and mobile relationship management. It also partners with marketers and agencies, and offers research into the multicultural market.

For example, its most recent study of 1,641 consumers who planned to buy a car in the next year found that 37 percent had clicked on a mobile ad, with 76 percent likely to click on ads offering deals. Briabe also found that African American and Asian American consumers were slightly more aware of mobile ads, with 65 percent of African Americans and 63 percent of Asian Americans noticing them, compared to 62 percent of the general population.

Multi-cultural Americans also were more likely to sign up for offers and book appointments for test drives than were general-market consumers.

America-Next has been operating in stealth mode for a year, Briggs said, and the company plans to continue to evolve the product, adding more social media and loyalty offerings.

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