New Research: SMB E-mailers Using More Social Media & Video

Small-to-medium-sized businesses appear to be adapting to social media and other marketing technology at an increasing rate. For instance, more than 90 percent of SMB e-mail marketers plan to incorporate social media this year while 80 percent will use videos, according to a study released yesterday by Implix.

Compared to the Wilmington, DE-based company’s research from last year, the study found a 113 percent increase for SMB use of links to social media pages; a 109 percent increase in pushing Facebook fan pages in particular; an 89 percent lift in general sharing options; and, a 72 percent jump in “follow us” links. Dubbed “GetResponse E-Mail Marketing Trends,” it surveyed around 200 SMBs from a wide range of verticals.

On the video front, it found 64 percent of the marketers that employ links to videos in e-mails claimed the tactic increases conversion rates. One in three SMBs thinks that video improves brand image and/or heightens customer loyalty. More than 20 percent of marketers believe that video e-mails can lower support and training costs.

In addition, 54 percent of respondents said they intend to do more targeting and personalization in 2010. Fifty-two percent will attempt to better their e-mail copywriting, including subject line personalization.

Lastly, 75 percent stated that behavioral targeting can result in significantly/moderately improved post-campaign data. Only 3 percent did not consider behavioral targeting an effective practice.

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